Harga Mobil Honda Terbaru Murah 2013 Di Indonesia

Mobil Honda Terbaru Murah 2013 Di Indonesia - Japan as one of the leaders in the automotive world is not doubt his credibility. Together with Germany, Italy, South Korea, United States of America (USA) as well as leading countries in other machining techniques so far have made significant contribution in providing four-wheeled transport vehicle for the wider community. As we know Japan itself has a series of famous car company that some are able to dominate the international automotive market. One only is Honda . Who does not know with this one.
Harga Mobil Honda Terbaru Murah 2013 Di Indonesia
Various kinds of latest vehicles either motorcycles or cars made ​​by Honda sold-sweet in the streets. In addition to economical and stubborn, resale prices stable is a strong reason to have a motor output of the Samurai country. In Indonesia, this brand brand has a very deep impression in people's hearts, so popular to the point that we often encounter people who call all branded with the name of Honda motorcycles. "I set up the Honda" etc., but obviously the driving motor is another brand. A daily unique phenomenon is thick with the feel of fanaticism, fruit Honda long journey which is not just imaging. Not only to dwell on the two-wheeled technology alone, Honda also involved himself in the mass production of four-wheel drive. Until now the car has a lot of outstanding creations include various types to meet the needs of the users.
In 2013, PT Honda Prospect Motor plans to release 5 new cars from Honda. One of them has been launched at the beginning of the New Honda Jazz which now can be had to fill your home garage. For those who want or just want to know the price please see the latest Honda car price list in 2013 that we have included in this article. For the other car is All New Accord, New Honda CRZ as well as the latest Car 2 City has prepared and just waiting for the time of the launch.
City Car in question is a type of new Honda cars in order to meet the government's recommendation of a cheap car and be environmentally friendly (Low Cost Go Green). Although it's no secret that the car carrying environmentally friendly technologies can be valuable very expensive, certainly when referring to the level of middle-income society we seem impossible to be realized. Even so the design platform that utilizes Brio engine capacity of 1,000 cc which is said to be used by PT Honda Prospect Motor is interesting to follow the rest. Recent government programs that have not been unveiled has caused the situation is not good for the car manufacturers, including Honda. This is very reasonable since the creation of eco-friendly cars but not cheap takes a short while they demanded a very competitive market conditions in which time becomes something very valuable.
Low Cost Go Green program is in hum-touted government and has since some time ago awaited ratification by several automotive manufacturers in Indonesia is predicted to be able to boost the uptake of new cars exceed 30%. For Honda Prospect Motor as well as other distributors would highly expect the government intention to immediately realize it because there will be new prices as a complementary brochure price of the latest Honda cars are much sought after by prospective customers. Fokuskan.com specifically for readers, this time we have prepared the latest Honda car prices in 2013 as additional information that may be in need.
Brosur harga mobil Honda terbaru 2013
Tipe Mobil Honda Harga Baru
Honda New Jazz RS A/T Rp. 225.000.000,-
Honda New Jazz RS M/T Rp. 215.000.000,-
Honda New Jazz S A/T Rp. 209.500.000,-
Honda New Jazz S M/T Rp. 199.500.000,-
Honda City All New City Reclining A/T Rp. 186.000.000,-
Honda City All New City Reclining M/T Rp. 271.000.000,-
Honda City All New City S A/T Rp. 277.000.000,-
Honda City All New City S M/T Rp. 262.000.000,-
Honda Accord VTi 2.4 A/T Rp. 443.500.000,-
Honda Accord VTi 2.4 M/T Rp. 428.500.000,-
Honda Accord VTi-L 2.4 A/T Rp. 481.500.000,-
Honda Accord VTi-L 3.5 A/T Rp. 708.000.000,-
Honda All New Civic 2012 1.8 i-VTEC A/T Rp. 354.000.000,-
Honda All New Civic 2012 1.8 i-VTEC M/T Rp. 341.000.000,-
Honda All New Civic 2012 2.0 i-VTEC A/T Rp. 406.000.000,-
Honda All New CR-V 2.0L i-VTEC A/T Rp. 370.000.000,-
Honda All New CR-V 2.0L i-VTEC M/T Rp. 359.000.000,-
Honda All New CR-V 2.4L i-VTEC A/T Rp. 404.000.000,-
Honda All New CR-V 2.4L i-VTEC A/T Prestige Rp. 423.000.000,-
Honda Brio E A/T Rp. 170.000.000,-
Honda Brio E M/T Rp. 160.000.000,-
Honda Brio S A/T Rp. 159.000.000,-
Honda Brio S M/T Rp. 149.000.000,-
Honda Freed A A/T Rp. 210.000.000,-
Honda Freed E A/T Rp. 230.500.000,-
Honda Freed S A/T Rp. 261.000.000,-
Honda New Odyssey 2.4 I-VTEC A/T Rp. 529.000.000,-
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