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Google Translate Bahasa Sunda Online
 Sundanese language is one area that is level Sunda region of West Java. In Sundanese language there are many differences that are not owned by Indonesian or other languages ​​that level. In Indonesian talking with peers and older used the word or phrase that is the same, but in Sundanese language word or phrase used to talk amongst older people and younger will be different for older will be more subtle, but to a friend peer will be a little rough for dirisendiri versa different languages ​​with language to peers and elders. Well, after discussing the above Sundanese language that you may not understand but it's also something I am learning Indonesian language is good and true. Translate into Indonesian Sundanese language, it seems rather difficult to translate the local language, but to translate Indonesian Sundanese language is easy to you live online on your computer or gadget then use this tool as his translator.

Google Translate Bahasa Sunda, Sundanese Language Translation tool or tools is very useful when we need it, the reason why tools like this is very useful is you probably trying to learn and want to learn Sundanese language education you can easily learn through this Sundanese language translation. In addition to downloading translate a long story too easy so it will certainly save you time in translating it.

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