Spesifikasi Harga PS4 Indonesia Terbaru 2013

Spesifikasi Harga PS4 Indonesia Terbaru 2013 - PlayStation 4 Orbis Specifications Price Make the game lovers there is encouraging news from Sony, which has released its latest PS4 Orbis. According to news circulating out there, he said it will carry the game console touch-screen navigation that is said to be more powerful than the Xbox 720. Wow, so directly kepengen nyobain neh. Well for my friend who is becoming the latest info on the following PS4 prices Serve LM PlayStation 4 plus a brief description of the specifications.

Spesifikasi Harga PS4 Indonesia Terbaru 2013

Spesifikasi Harga PS4 Indonesia Terbaru 2013

Specifications PlayStation 4

Rumors are circulating mentions that the PS4 will use GDDR5 RAM 8 GB with having the ability to read up to 176 GB of data per second. Orbis PS4 rumored to include a small touchpad on which the joystick, the "Select", "Start" and "PS" will be placed on the DualShock controller. A button "Share" was also added which allows players take screenshots and video clips from games or to be distributed online games . PS4 can record gameplay on screen until 15 minutes duration. PS4 will use AMD64 processor "Bulldozer" core with a total of eight (8-core), 8GB of RAM, 2.2GB of video memory, a 160GB hard drive, Blu-ray drive, as well as four USB 3.0 ports.

Price PlayStation 4

Officially there has been no confirmed price, but kebanyak news that has been circulating widely on the Internet stated that the PS4 Orbis will be worth USD $ 400 dollars or if the price of the PlayStation 4 is approximately USD USD. 3,800,000. Still quite terjangkaulah price later if it's true that much official PlayStation 4. How about not signing him sob ready?

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